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Answer the following four questions on the NYPD to see which candidates for mayor most closely match the future you want to see for New York City.

‘Defunding’ the NYPD

A key demand of the protests that followed the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis is scaling back the presence of cops in communities. NYC’s current mayor has committed to removing unarmed NYPD agents from school patrols but the armed uniformed police force remains at nearly 35,000.

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Should the NYPD uniformed force be downsized beyond currently planned levels?

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Mental Health Response

In recent years, 15 New Yorkers experiencing mental health crises have died in encounters with NYPD officers. NYC’s current mayor has committed to send out mental health teams without cops a two-precinct test. Some advocates and candidates want to go further.

Question 2 of 4

Should the NYPD respond to 911 calls involving people in severe emotional distress?

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Where Officers Live

More than half of NYPD officers live outside NYC, generating concerns that the uniformed force does not reflect or understand communities it patrols. Some reformers are urging a requirement that cops live within the five boroughs.

Question 3 of 4

Should NYPD officers reside in the five boroughs?

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Police Discipline

The City Council prompted NYC’s current mayor and police commissioner to create a new “discipline matrix” that sets minimum consequences for cop misconduct. But the commissioner retains the power to override those standards and even misconduct trial decisions, despite calls for outside oversight.

Question 4 of 4

Should the NYPD commissioner have final say on disciplining officers for conduct violations?

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Your NYPD Matches

  • June 15, 2021: Added quotes for Joycelyn Taylor on defunding the NYPD, mental health response, where officers live and police discipline. Added quote for Paperboy Prince on defunding the NYPD. Added quote for Ray McGuire on mental health response.
  • June 8, 2021: Updated Ray McGuire’s answer on police discipline and added answer on mentally ill response.
  • May 14, 2021: Updated Andrew Yang’s quote on defunding the NYPD.
  • May 9, 2021: Added Art Chang, Aaron Foldenauer, Paperboy Prince, Joycelyn Taylor and Isaac Wright Jr.

Reporting by Ann Choi and Mónica Cordero, development by Will Welch, editing by Alyssa Katz. Candidate images from Ben Fractenberg/THE CITY, Alejandro Durán/THE CITY, Shutterstock and campaign websites.