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Property Taxes

Uneven property assessments have many homeowners in neighborhoods with lower real estate values paying much more in taxes than those in tonier areas, among other inequities in the system identified by the NYC Advisory Commission on Property Tax Reform.

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The next mayor will inherit well documented inequities in property tax assessments. What will you do?

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Stock Transfer Tax

New York technically collects a small tax on every stock sale on Wall Street — but for decades the state has refunded that tax in full. A surge in stock trades and wealth generated via NYC-based trading has prompted demands to bring back the tax.

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Should NYC resume collecting taxes on stock transfers?

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Pied-a-Terre Tax

State lawmakers have proposed charging an additional tax on property owners in part-time residence, following waves of Manhattan real estate development aimed at investors or well-heeled occasional visitors from around the world.

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Should New York impose a “pied a terre” tax on homes that are not a primary residence?

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Taxing the Superwealthy

Meet Your Mayor posed this question to candidates before New York this April increased state tax on income above $1 million to 9.65%, above $5 million to 10.3% and above $25 million to 10.5%.

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Will you further tax the ultra wealthy?

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Your Taxes Matches

  • June 8, 2021: Added answer for Ray McGuire on stock transfer tax.
  • May 14, 2021: Added quotes from Andrew Yang, Dianne Morales and Scott Stringer on the stock transfer tax.

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